Nate and Jeremiah’s Best Home Renovation Reveals

posted: 01/26/18
by: Emily Livermore

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent are a design duo who conquer over the most disastrous homes. They take on nightmare projects and heal families through extreme renovations and home makeovers, all while raising their own daughter and being the best dads they can be. On Nate and Jeremiah by Design they complete home owners' unfinished projects, deal with devastating water damage, and reconstruct childhood memories.

These guys don't just change rooms, they change lives. Did you miss any of the incredible transformations? Watch every episode on the TLC GO app, and check out the amazing transformations below.

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Brenda and Scott are raising their family in the midst of a home construction nightmare! For years the family has been living in the garage and cooking off hotplates while they struggle to make decisions about their money pit home renovation. Nate and Jeremiah to the rescue! The two designers take control and turn this home disaster into a dream living space.

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This growing family needed more space, so Allan and Janelle began renovations to create their dream home. But when Janelle was suddenly stuck by serious health issues, the house was no longer a priority. Their unfinished home quickly became a stressful and dangerous place to live. Luckily, our favorite design duo stepped in to help transform their home into a sanctuary in one of their toughest makeover challenges yet.

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Chris and Meg Brown are new home owners and inexperienced decorators. And even though everyone has to start somewhere, this couple needed some expert help. The guys saved Chris and Meg from themselves by taking over all decor and remodeling responsibilities. Once the renovations were finished, the Browns' bland home was filled with open and beautiful spaces.

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Rochelle and Greg worked tirelessly to create the home of their dreams. But there is one space neither has the energy to tackle...the kitchen. In fact, Rochelle avoids the room at all costs. They desperately needed the help of Nate and Jeremiah to complete their dream home. Although it tested their creativity and design skills, Nate and Jeremiah left Greg and Rochelle with the perfect kitchen.

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Inheriting a home may sound like a blessing, but it was a curse for Alex and Tom. The stress of home renovation put so much strain on their relationship that Alex removed her engagement ring. The pressure was on for Nate and Jeremiah to not only flip a tragic space, but salvage a relationship. Ultimately, the dream team accomplished both!

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Azadeh and Moshen thought it couldn't get worse when their young daughter was diagnosed cancer. But when a flood destroyed their home it seemed as if all hope was lost. This family's struggle hit close to home since Nate and Jeremiah have a daughter of their own. Inspired by the family's strength, the guys took the water-damaged home and transformed it into a peaceful environment where the family could enjoy every moment together.

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In the season finale we meet Sherry, whose upbeat personality was clouded by her childhood home falling apart around her. Once full of love and laughter, Sherry's home no longer held her happy memories. Nate and Jeremiah help Sherry revive her home into a colorful retro paradise where new memories can be made.

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