Nail Polish Hacks That Have Nothing to do With a Manicure

posted: 07/19/16
by: Amanda Mushro
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Nail polish colorful bottles background

If you're a fan of freshly painted nails, you probably have a few bottles of nail polish at home. And if you're following the nail polish trends of the season, you might have a few bottles you're ready to toss, but don't get rid of that polish yet! Those tiny bottles of lacquer that make your nails look amazing are perfect for all of these hacks.

Paint a thin layer of clear nail polish on the bottom of metal soap dispensers or metal shaving cream cans to prevent rusting when they sit on a sink or in your shower.

Got a loose button and no way fix it? A few dabs of nail polish will secure your button until you can properly sew it.

If your keyring has way too many keys to keep track of, just use a few different colors to paint the keys. This way you can easily differentiate all of the keys on your keyring.

If you have black or brown shoes that are scuffed, a few dabs of matching polish will hide those scuffs and have your shoes looking like new.

A few dabs of nail polish helps to secure the screws in your sunglasses when they get loose.

Painting a thin layer of clear polish behind costume jewelry like rings, earrings, and bracelets is a great way to keep the jewelry from tarnishing and turning your skin green.

Threading a needles doesn't need to be so difficult! Just put a little nail polish at the end of the thread and it will easily slide through the needle.

If you have a few bottles of nail polish that are almost empty, turn them into craft supplies. If you mix the polish in a container of water, you can dip cups, plates, and even flower pots into the water for a painted marbled effect.

Make scratches and nicks in your furniture or hardwood floors disappear by dabbing a little clear nail polish over it and let it dry. Use sandpaper to smooth out the polish.

If you notice a small hole in a window screen, a little bit of nail polish will stop the hole from getting bigger.

You probably already know that a little nail polish can stop a run in pantyhose, but it's also great for stopping your shoelaces from fraying.