#MrStealYourGrandma is One Hot Senior

posted: 07/05/16
by: Ashley Vazquez

A Houston elementary school teacher has suddenly skyrocketed to fame after someone finally noticed his stylish selfies.

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Irvin Randle had been posting selfies for ages, but a weeks ago, the gray haired grandfather became an internet sensation.

Randle, or his alter ego, #MrStealYourGrandma is known for his trendy, youthful outfits and extremely tight clothing.

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Equipped with a selfie stick, dashing good looks, and a true sense of style, Randle found himself in the hearts of grandmas everywhere.

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Randle told People.com that it was his daughter who fist told him about his internet fame. She called to ask why he was all over Twitter, but the astonished grandpa relied he didn't even have a Twitter account.

#MrStealYourGrandma has always looked to GQ for fashion inspiration. He said "In 2016, things are starting to get a little tighter so I said Why not? I'm a paw-paw, I work out, let me show the grandmas what they want."

"In the most grandpa line ever, he said "I'm going to get a Twitter now, but I need someone to help me set it up."