Most Moms Carry Their Babies on Their Left Side—Here’s Why

posted: 01/18/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Young family

Any mom can tell you, she's got one arm that is a bit more toned than the other. This stronger arm is the one she uses to carry too many grocery bags, can easily lift a heavy infant carrier, and is also the same side she carries her baby. For most moms, this is going to be your left side, but it has nothing to do with being right-handed or left-handed. According to new research, between 70 and 85 percent of moms prefer holding their baby on their left side. Turns out, you carry your baby on your left side as a way to protect them.

The study says that the right side of the brain is in charge of processing emotions. Since the right side of our brain controls the left side of our body, we pick up our babies and move them to our left side as a way to meet our maternal instincts. With our babies on our left side, we are able to connect and react to our baby's feelings and can access their needs with the right side of our brains.

Even more interesting, is our baby's reaction to being held on our left side. Researchers found that kids prefer our left side because they are closer to our heart. *Pauses for collective Awwwww * Being closer to our heart helps to calm your baby and helps to regulate their heartbeat too. So if you have a fussy baby, hold them close to your heart.

Another reason researchers suggest your child will snuggle in to your left side is so their right ear is closer to your mouth. Since the left side of the brain is responsible for language and is in control of their right side, instinctually, they will settle in to your right side. Absolutely amazing, right?

Always having a baby on one side of your body can make you feel a bit lopsided. So if you feel like you need to even out your muscles and to relieve any hip or back pain, try switching up the side you hold your baby and use free weights at home or the gym to strengthen your muscles. While Mother Nature is helping you take care of your baby, you need to take care of yourself too!