Money-Saving Tip: Track the Prices

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by: Blythe Copeland

People who are really serious about cutting their grocery bills will make price books: Spreadsheets or notebooks tracking the prices of their most-bought, most expensive items across a variety of stores, so they can recognize a truly great sale. If you have time for that, go for it (a template like this one from Organized Home will make it a little easier). But even if you aren't ready to spend hours each week studying the store circular, giving it a closer read will help you notice lower prices and sales trends. Maybe store-brand cheese goes on sale every other week; maybe potatoes and onions are two-for-one on a regular basis in the winter; maybe you'll see ground turkey for $3 a pound and know that's better than the regular $4.99 price. You don't have to pay attention to every sale on every product, but by watching the items and brands you use the most, you can take advantage of a true deal.

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