Money-Saving Tip: DIY the Simple Stuff

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by: Blythe Copeland

We all know that limiting the amount of prepackaged food you buy is one of the smartest ways to save on groceries, but this goes beyond frozen pizza and boxed dinners. Savings will add up if you look for other ways to save, too: Buy bouillon cubes (or boxes of stock) instead of canned soups; mix your own salad dressings from oil and vinegar; create your own seasoning blends instead of buying pre-made packets; cut bricks of cheese into slices instead of buying string cheese versions. We're not saying you need to start making all your bread from scratch or giving up your favorite snack food, but a pan of brownies made from a 99 cent mix will last you just as long as a $4 box of cookies -- without a huge time investment.

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