Mom Proves That Pinterest Recipes NEVER Turn Out Like the Photos

posted: 10/09/15
by: TLCme

Pinterest Challenge: Rainbow Pancakes

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This week’s challenge; Rainbow Pancakes...total fail or total win?

It's safe to say that we've all been pulled in by the beautiful images on Pinterest, only to be humbled by the fact that our recipe or craft project ends up looking absolutely nothing like the photo. And we're not alone. In fact, if you google "Pinterest fails," there are plenty of others who have been burned by Pinterest's gorgeous, and seemingly oh-so-simple ideas.

It turns out Vera Sweeney from #WhatSheSaid is also part of the growing number of moms who just can't quite recreate Pinterest recipes it probably took a food blogger a dozen times to master. In the video above, watch as she hilariously tries to make rainbow pancakes and ends up with, well, something that reminds us of tie-dye Play-Doh.