Mom Gives Birth to Four Babies in Span of 11 Months

posted: 02/21/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi
Newborn Baby
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Newborn Baby

Becky John of Swansea, Wales, wanted to give her baby girl a sibling close in age to play with.

But, instead of having one more child, John had three, meaning she gave birth four times within a span of 11 months.

After giving birth to her daughter Mya in February 2015, John, 30, and her husband immediately started trying for another baby to give Mya a sibling close in age. John got pregnant one week after having Mya, but to the couple's surprise, she was pregnant with triplets. The couple already had a 9-year-old daughter named Kayla.

In January 2016, John gave birth to the triplets--Ryan, Phoebe and Raya--who are all healthy.

"I was so huge by that time I could barely move and doctors wanted to get them out in case I went into labor early," John said. "I'd been carrying around nearly 15 pounds of babies. I couldn't believe it. But I was just so relieved they were all healthy and well."

The oldest daughter Kayla is thrilled to be joined by four new brothers and sisters, said John.

We certainly hope Mya appreciates having not only one other sibling to play with, but three!