Mom Gets Real About Society’s Pressure to “Bounce Back” After Pregnancy

posted: 06/29/17
by: Kristine Boyd
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Angry on the scale

Every time a celebrity has a baby, the press gives us a play by play on how they are "bouncing back" from the pregnancy. We see maternity articles giving the steps on how to get your pre-baby figure back. One mom was sick of seeing these articles obsessing about how to get back what you once had. Instead of focusing on getting back your flat stomach, can't society be concerned about the more important things like getting your organs back in place? Or being healthy to breastfeed? We love this raw, honest video about how women shouldn't listen to those misleading messages about pregnancy. You will be crying laughing and hardcore relating to everything she says. Check out Tova Leigh's awesome disclosure about society's obsession with "bouncing back."