Mom Gets Real About Packing Her Kids “Unworthy” Lunches

posted: 04/04/18
by: Kristine Boyd

Schools and parents alike have been becoming more and more strict about what a healthy lunchbox consists of. We have seen kids being sent home with notes, parents being reprimanded for packing raisins and children are even being scolded for packing 'too much food'. More schools are implementing strict programs for healthy lunches that has raised a lot of controversy. While it is great that people are concerned about the health of these children, many think that it is getting a little out of hand. One mom in particular, Rita Templeton of PopSugar, recently wrote a very honest post about how she is going to pack her children whatever she wants.

Rita is a busy mom who never thought there would be so much attention brought to her kid's lunch. She figured the only people judging her lunch packing skills were her. But apparently this has become a hot topic amongst parents everywhere. "I've heard tales of parents who send their children to school with enviable, Instagram-worthy spreads, and a quick Pinterest search for "school lunch ideas" confirms their existence. They pin creative, beautiful, munchable masterpieces: from cutout sandwiches to fruit "sushi" to artfully appointed, perfectly portioned bento boxes," Rita wrote.

Not only is Rita seeing these perfect lunches all over her feed, she has also been reading story after story about teachers sending home notes to parents about controversial children's lunches. She now feels pressure to be like those moms on Instagram and has to worry about teachers silently (or not so silently) judging her child's lunch. Rita can't help but look back on her childhood lunches and remember the bologna sandwiches with bright orange cheese. They weren't healthy by any means, but it was food, and no one would judge you for it.

"I'm pretty sure they don't have any business judging parents' choices. And no matter what we pack, we all have the same goal: for our kids to eat it," Rita says.

At the end of the day, it's about ensuring your child gets enough food in their body. "After all, what good is an organic cheese and alfalfa-sprout sandwich on whole grain bread if it goes directly into the trash?" Rita wrote. Moms should pack the foods they know their children will enjoy. Of course, healthy meals are important, but when parents are being scolded for packing their kids a granola bar, moms can't help but be on edge. So, to all parents struggling to pack their kids lunch: pack your child what you want to pack them and don't let anyone judge your kid's PB and J!