Mom-Approved Ways to Pack for Spring Break with a Toddler

posted: 03/03/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Mother and baby girl with suitcase and clothes ready for traveli

Remember when packing for Spring Break meant a handful of bikinis and a pair of flip flops? Now, as a parent, trips to the grocery store with your toddler requires more packing and planning.

If you're prepping for a trip with your little ones this Spring Break season, try these packing tips to make getting to your destination a whole lot easier.

1. Bag it up
For each day of your trip, lay out your child's entire outfit- include underwear, socks, and any accessories like hair clips or bows. Pack each outfit, in its entirety, in a plastic Ziploc bag. When you're getting kids ready for day, take out everything out of the bag and go! This packing hack cuts down on packing too much, losing small pieces, and will help you keep your suitcases organized.

2. Create a toddler work space
If you'll be traveling by car, give your kids a place to play, create, and snack all from their car seat. Create a toddler workspace out of a small, plastic serving tray (you can find these at the Dollar Store). As you are driving to your destination, your child can color, look at books, play with smaller toys, and eat snacks all on the tray. When the trip is done, you can easily store the tray under the seats

3. Take a doggie bag
Even if you don't have your own pooch at home, grab a roll of dog poo bags for your trip. Trust me on this one! These small bags are the perfect size to wrap up wet bathing suits, make the perfect bag for kid friendly souvenirs like seashells, can handle a sunblock explosion, and can hold any sort of mess your toddler gets into.

4. Use your noodle
Pool noodles are super fun during the day while your kids are splashing around in the pool, but at night, the noodle can double as a bumper for their beds. Just slip the noodle under the fitted sheet to keep your little one safe in their bed at night. No need to move furniture or pack a bed railing!