6 of Your Favorite Movie Prom Dresses Get a Modern Makeover

posted: 04/08/16
by: Briana Finelli
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    Some movies have a way of becoming timeless classics that you can watch over and over again, still loving them just as much as the first time, if not more. There are, however, certain parts of our favorite films that aren't quite so timeless, specifically the fashion. Movie style is often so indicative of that decade that it becomes almost impossible to recreate those iconic looks. But just because looks have gone out of style doesn't mean there aren't ways to recreate them with a modern twist.

    Since it's almost prom season, we've taken our favorite prom looks from some iconic films and brought them back to life with modern twists. Click through to see some of your favorite styles, reimagined for today!

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    Josie Geller from "Never Been Kissed"

    No one can forget the shimmering, metallic ensemble Josie almost wore to prom during her first round of high school. Metallics can be pretty difficult to rock in this day and age, but there are ways to pull it off if shimmer is your style. The sleeves and high neckline on this dress make it a classic, and our modern take keeps those elements while shedding some of the more distracting layers, like tulle and a defined collar. Shop the look here.

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    Kat Stratford from "10 Things I Hate About You"

    The next time you think about choosing a black dress (again), consider this: Dark colors are not only flattering, but work in virtually any environment imaginable. Here, we've taken Kat's long, jewel-toned gown and given it some modern twists: a cinched waistline, a halter neckline and a slit. Shop the look here.

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    Lainey Boggs from "She's All That"

    The LBD has become a staple in the closets of women everywhere. Lainey's classic black dress with spaghetti straps was the must-have LBD look of the 90s, so we've reimagined it as a strapless midi dress, maintaining all the elegance and trendiness of Lainey's look, as well as an air of simplicity. Shop the look here.

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    Carrie White from "Carrie"

    Who says simple needs to be plain? Carrie's dress is long, light and free of embellishments. If you're someone who doesn't like to sacrifice simplicity for style, take a tip from this prom queen herself and choose a sleeveless maxi dress. The look is effortless, yet elegant. Shop the look here.

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    Sandy from "Grease"

    Sandy's prom look is a full, flared dress that is absolutely perfect for more formal summer events. We've reimagined her pastel look as a floral pattern, keeping the full skirt and simple white style and throwing in a higher neckline for added elegance. Skater dresses are great for virtually any body type, and the midi length is even hotter now than it was in the 70s! Shop the look here.

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    Andie from "Pretty in Pink"

    Andie's halterneck shift dress is an absolute classic in the world of iconic movie prom dresses. In our modern take, we found a gown with a more defined waistline, dropped the sleeves, and kept the collar and halter neck that make this look so timeless. Shop the look here.