Model Shares Her Go to Recipes with the Internet and They Look Delicious

posted: 03/16/18
by: Kristine Boyd

Recently fashion model, Sanne Vloet, shared on her YouTube channel what she eats in a day. Sanne has been featured on the Victoria' Secret Fashion Show for the last 3 years and models for other popular clothing brands. Being that it is part of her job to stay healthy, Sanne says she has made a clean diet part of her lifestyle. She loves cooking and making healthy recipes whenever she can and dedicated a video to showing her audience some of her favorites!

Recipe #1: Protein Smoothie Bowl with Homemade Granola

Sanne starts off the day with a protein smoothie bowl topped with homemade granola. She swears by this granola recipe because so many store-bought products have tons of added sugars and syrups. This recipe consists of oats, nuts, seeds, goji berries, coconut oil, cinnamon and honey. However, you can also add dried fruits and other things you find in your pantry. Having granola on hand is extremely versatile because you can add it to tons of different breakfasts and snacks to keep your meals interesting.

Sanne will eat this on yogurt, with milk or on top of a smoothie bowl like she did in the video. Her smoothie bowl contained oats, banana, berries, hemp protein and almond milk. This is the perfect breakfast to fuel you for the day. It contains a good source of carbs, healthy fats and lots of protein! After breakfast, Sanna heads off to a workout then usually grabs a quick lunch while she is out.

Recipe #2: Spinach and Feta Stuffed Salmon

The second recipe Sanne featured in her video was one for her go-to dinner: stuffed salmon with spinach and rice. She started by stuffing a salmon filet with spinach, feta cheese and Dijon mustard. Usually, cooks would tie it up with a special string, but Sanne shares her tip of using dental floss instead! It does the job of holding together the salmon and the filling while it bakes.

Then she creates a delicious side-dish of cooked spinach with golden raisins topped with toasted pine nuts. This recipe is so easy and packed with delicious flavors and textures. Simply saut? some spinach in a pan and add golden raisins. Allow this to cook until the spinach is wilted, and the raisins are warm. Then add toasted pine nuts on top to give the dish a crunchy element. This is the perfect side dish to the stuffed salmon!

Sunday is for brunch day!

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There is a common stigma that models only eat bland, boring food. Sanne proved her viewers wrong by showing what she eats in a day. These delicious, healthy recipes are full of ingredients that are going to help you feel satisfied and energized all day long! We love these recipes and are inspired to try these ourselves.