“Miracle” Teen Girl Survives Plane Crash and 2 Nights Lost in the Woods

posted: 07/15/15
by: TLCme

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Before you complain that you've had a rough week, you should think about the story of Autumn Veatch. The 16-year-old survived a deadly plane crash and two nights in a dense national forest before being rescued earlier this week.

Veatch was flying with her step grandparents Leland and Sharon Bowman in a small plane, a Beech A-35, from Kalispell, Montana, when the plane began experiencing trouble over Omak, Washington.

Autumn hiked away from the crash site, and spent two nights in the dense forest before finally reaching civilization. She was picked up by a driver on Route 20 who took her to a local store where an EMT-trained employee helped treat her.

Luckily she didn't sustain any life-threatening injuries and was treated for minor burns, bruises, dehydration and exposure. Local authorities are calling it a miracle, and we have to agree with them. And while it's not clear what exactly happened to the plane, or if the Bowmans survived -- rescue teams are still looking for the pair and the missing plane -- they're hoping that Veatch will be able to help them in the search.