Mini Cow Is Rescued and Now Lives The Dream With Her Dog BFFs!

posted: 04/28/17
by: TLCme
Moonpie and her BFF
Rocky Ridge Refuge

What happens when a miniature cow gets put in a sancuary rescue with a bunch of dogs? Friendhip and endless amounts of adorable is the answer! Moonpie, the too cute miniature cow arrived at Rocky Ridge Refuge when owner Janice Wolf bought her at an auction to save her any ill fate, Wolf told TODAY. At first Moonpie was outside, but because she was so young and not quite adjusted to being outdoors, Wolf brought her inside.

Wolf houses about 2 dozen rescue dogs who immidiately loved their new sibling, according to TODAY:

"A pair of bull terriers, Baby Cadbury and Spackle, who is deaf, are especially taken with their new friend. They 'claimed Moonpie right off and are never far from her side,' Wolf said. 'They won't let the others have too much time with her! The others sneak in kisses.'"

Lounging with Moonpie
Rocky Ridge Refuge
Moonpie and Buddy smiling
Rocky Ridge Refuge
Rocky Ridge Refuge