Military Dad Surprises Kids With Homecoming at Baseball Game, A Lot of Crying Ensues

posted: 05/04/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi
Air Force Sgt. Lance Daigle's kids thought they were being treated to a VIP baseball game experience, but it ended up being so much more than that.

As VIPs at the game, his kids Cameron and Karley were on the pitcher's mound throwing the first pitches of the game when they realized the man behind the catcher's mask was someone they knew: their father who was deployed to Asia for six months.

After the kids finished pitching, Daigle removed the mask to reveal his identity. Fortunately, Cameron and Karley's awe-struck reactions were captured on video for viewers to tear up at.

Immediately after realizing the catcher was the father they hadn't seen for months, the young boy and girl burst into tears and tightly embraced him. Daigle enveloped them in his arms and the trio shared an emotional couple of minutes that the whole stadium applauded.

The sergeant worked with the Carolina Mudcats Baseball Club to pull this homecoming surprise off. He clearly wanted to do something special to celebrate his coming home.

"We were honored to help...Sgt Lance Daigle surprise his kids with a special first pitch as he returned from deployment today," the club captioned the video it shared of this incredibly heartwarming moment.

Good work, team.