Messy and Fun Outdoor Activities to Try With Your Kids This Summer

posted: 07/15/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Messy summer

We spend a lot of time cleaning up messes that our kids make, but now that it's summer, let's encourage some of those messes. Now hold on! Before you pick up your pitchforks, I'm not talking about messes inside your house. I'm talking outdoor messy activities that are so fun and perfect for summer. Plus, clean up for all these activities is easy because all you need are a few baby pools outside so your kids can rinse off before coming inside. So come on, Mom, let's get messy!

A game of Twister is great indoor fun, but take the game outdoors this summer and try this messy summer version. Add a few drops of washable craft paint to shaving cream and pile it onto each color coordinating circle. If it's right foot yellow, they'll need to be flexible for ready to get messy.

How about some outdoor painting? You don't need brushes for this work of art, just a few water guns. Hang up pieces of paper or painter's canvases outside and fill inexpensive water guns with a mixture of tempera paint and water. Fill the water guns with the mixture and let your kids fire away to make a messy masterpiece.

Make scented foam paint perfect for outdoor painting by mixing tempera paints with color coordinated packs of Kool Aid. Mixing these two together turns the paint into foam and gives it a yummy smell. Turns out, the paint contains chalk and it reacts with the acidic elements of the Kool Aid to make the foam. Science and art together! Let your kids paint with sponges or craft sticks. They can paint rocks or large pieces of paper of cardboard. Even though this foam paint smells yummy, make sure you kids don't eat it, and if the Kool Aid is a bit stubborn when they're cleaning up, just use a little coconut oil to get the color out of their skin.

Create a little sensory fun by mixing sand and shaving cream in a large container. Let kids mix together both ingredients with their hands. They will love the fun, foamy texture as you can add more shaving cream as they play to change the texture.

Have a little paint bomb fun by grabbing a plastic shower curtain or white sheet from the dollar store and spreading it out in your yard. Then take a few squeeze bottles and fill them halfway with water and then add washable paint. Start filling small balloons with water and use the squeeze the water and paint mixture into the water balloons. Tie off the balloons and let your kids toss the paint bombs onto the shower curtain or sheet. If the paint bombs don't break when you toss them, try stepping on them!