#MenAndWine Is Your New Favorite Instagram Trend

posted: 08/14/15
by: TLCme

Who doesn't love a glass of wine AND a hot guy? Put them both together and you've got the fantastic new Instagram account MenAndWine, which chronicles the best in gorgeous men sipping and sampling alcoholic grape beverages from around the web. With a scant 151 posts, the Insta account's already amassed more than 22,000 thirsty followers.

But enough talking about men and wine, why don't we just look at them, eh?

Just enjoying a glass by the lake.

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Enjoying a post-shower glass.

Champers in bed? Sure.

I'm on top of the woooooorlllllld.

Contemplating life -- and abs -- with a bottle.

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How could you say no to a bearded guy and a French bulldog?

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