Melissa McCarthy Wants Fashion To Go Beyond Size 12

posted: 05/27/15
by: Courtney Reimer
Melissa McCarthy on the cover of More magazine

If you've ever had the frustration of not being able to find a beloved clothing item in your size -- and given that the average American woman is a size 14, chances are you have -- Melissa McCarthy is here to help. Having experienced the same frustrations, she's taking matters into her own hands and starting her own, much-broader-size-ranged clothing line.

Starting in August, anyone from a size 4 to a size 28 will be able to purchase one of 80 styles in her new line, Melissa McCarthy Seven.

"People don't stop at size 12," McCarthy said in the June issue of More magazine. "I feel like there's a big thing missing where you can't dress to your mood above a certain number. [Malls] segregate plus-size [women]. It's an odd thing that you can't go shopping with your friends because your store is upstairs hidden by the tire section."

And it's not just about clothing sizes for McCarthy: it's about helping to change the perception of what a woman looks like and is capable of.

"There is just this weird thing about how we perceive women in this country." McCarthy said. "I would love to be a part of breaking that down."