Meet Your New Obsession: Rosé Chocolate Bars

posted: 08/18/16
by: Blythe Copeland

Some foods seem like they were just always meant to go together -- peanut butter and jelly, strawberries and cream, Champagne and orange juice. Chocolatier Compart?s took this same approach with wine and chocolate when creating its new Roses and Rose chocolate bar . The handcrafted bars are made from a blend of rose wine-infused white chocolate topped with crystallized rose petals.

Rose and chocolate isn't the company's only genius pairing -- other bar varieties include salted pretzel and dark chocolate, cookies and cream, donuts and coffee milk chocolate, white chocolate and cereal, and dark chocolate and whisky. But it just may the one best suited for your next book club dessert buffet, movie theater treat, or summer happy hour -- and the next best thing to bringing your own mimosa.

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