Meet the Families of Rattled Season Two

posted: 06/07/17
by: Kate Meroski

A baby changes everything. So what will happen when these couples add one...or two...or four bundles of joy to the family?

Season two of Rattled, premiering July 11th at 10/9c, follows five couples as they experience the challenges and joys of new parenthood. Here's who you can look forward to meeting:

Aly & Josh. These high school sweethearts beat the odds and are hoping for more miracles. While trying to have a baby five years ago, the Louisiana natives discovered Aly had Stage 3 breast cancer and after a double mastectomy and intense chemo, Aly was deemed cancer-free. Sadly, the radiation from her cancer treatment damaged her eggs and left her unable to conceive. Never ones to give up, they decided on adoption and welcomed a new baby two years ago. Then, the unthinkable happened--Aly's pregnant! To make matters more overwhelming, just as the couple catches their breath from the wonderful news, the mother of the baby they adopted calls to ask if they'd consider adopting another baby of hers--due the same week as Aly!

Weston & Brooke. To call Brooke the hottest future mama in Houston would be accurate, since she's a champion pro wrestler. At a party a few years ago, she "sank her claws" into Weston, and they've been together ever since. Brooke and Weston were just starting to talk about getting engaged when she found out she was pregnant. Being in the ring and being pregnant don't mix, so as happy as Brooke is about the baby, she's panicking about her next move. Then, Weston decides he wants to quit his day job and start a new business--just a few weeks before the baby is born! Brooke is terrified they won't be able to support their child, and is reconsidering her retirement from the ring.

Krystal & Jarrel. This pair started out as best friends for a decade before their relationship unexpectedly went to the next level. After a month of dating, Krystal broke it off when she realized they were better off as friends. But a few weeks later, she got the shock of a lifetime from a positive pregnancy test! Now, these two are hoping they can remain friends while co-parenting. However, Jarrel isn't certain that he is the baby's father, causing major tension between he and Krystal. This uncertainty brings up more questions in terms of child support and custody, and Jarrel can't move forward with anything until he can see some concrete DNA results.

And from season one, we're excited to welcome back:

Tyson & Ashley. Their journey captured America's hearts when they beat one in 70 million odds to deliver two sets of identical twins after a long struggle with infertility. Now the quads are turning two and keeping mom and dad's lives busy. The family's house isn't just where they lay their heads, it's also where Ashley and Tyson work. Since their kids are their priority, they built a business around them, selling baby gear inspired by the quads. However, the family is running out of room and it's putting a strain on everything. Ashley is hoping to build a house custom made for them ground up, but Tyson is worried about what their budget can withstand.

Dough & Marsadie. Last season, Doug and Marsadie welcomed a baby girl and viewers witnessed the conflicts the came along with that, along with Marsadie's struggles to bond with her baby in the way she thought she would. In this new season, Mars may be ready to make a split. Tired of the endless shouting matches and the uneven division of baby duty, Mars needs Doug to start taking their life seriously. She gives him an ultimatum just a few months before their daughter's 2nd birthday -put a ring on it or get lost. Doug doesn't take too kindly to the arrangement, but is willing to give it a shot, go to therapy and even introduce Mars to his ex-wife. But can he pull it together and stop skipping town every time he has a disagreement with Mars?

Rattled premieres July 11th at 10/9c after the season premiere of Outdaughtered. Catch up on Rattled now on TLC Go and follow the conversation online with #Rattled on Facebook and Twitter.

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