Meet the Brilliant Contraption That Will Teach Your Toddler to Walk

posted: 07/19/17
by: Kristine Boyd

If you are having a hard time teaching your toddler to walk than you need to try this new contraption. Meet the Willa Walker! It is a simple and easy way to teach your child all the walking basics. All it contains is a bar with two handles hanging from it. This idea clicked in Gabe Cohn's head when he was babysitting his cousin's daughter Willa. The first prototype was made merely of a piece of Bamboo, strings and 2 sticks for handles. It has since escalated into a well-made walking contraption.

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There currently 300 Willa Walkers that are distributed to parents acting as beta testers and the result is unanimous. People love this tool! It is helping parents everywhere teach their kids the fundamentals of walking. Your back will thank you too! Because of this tool, you won't have to spend hours bending over to help prop your child up for balance. All you have to do is walk straight up, hold the bar and let the Willa Walker do the rest!

As if this product wasn't great enough, it is also extremely earth-friendly. The makers use leftover wood scraps from Masaya Furniture Company, a business specializing in sustainably sourced wood. Willa Walker has also partnered with two charities to help give back to the community. For each Willa Walker sold Eden Reforestation Projects plants 10 trees and $1 is donated to the Lonely Whale Foundation. Priced at only $29, this product seems too good to be true!