Meet “Pinky” The Adorable Rare Pink Dolphin

posted: 08/10/17
by: Kristine Boyd

If you thought dolphins couldn't get any cuter, you thought wrong. Meet Pinky, the rare pink dolphin! Pinky was recently seen happily swimming along the coast of Louisiana. She was first spotted as a baby in 2007, and has since been seen multiple times over the past 10 years. The recent resurfacing of this amazing dolphin has people extremely excited. Pinky has become quite the celebrity to the Louisiana natives. She even has her own Facebook page under the name Pinky the Dolphin where people can post pictures, videos and get updates on everything Pinky related!

You are probably wondering how this dolphin got her amazing color. Experts are not entirely sure why Pinky is pink. The sensible conclusion is that she is simply an albino dolphin. However, other biologists don't think that is the case. Kerry Sanchez, senior Rescue Biologist told WFLA that, "seeing an animal that is extremely light in color is not something we would normally expect to see," Sanchez said. "And in my full time here, we've never seen an animal that looks like that." Many suspect that it is a rare form of genetic mutation that has given Pinky her amazing pink glow.

Regardless of how Pinky came to be pink, we are glad she did. Just keep swimming Pinky!