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posted: 12/02/16
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Paranormal Lockdown Q&A: Nick Groff

Nick Groff, one-half of the team on Paranormal Lockdown, has dedicated his life to the paranormal. This means he chases ghosts full-time as he searches for breakthroughs in evidence of the afterlife and the supernatural.

Not super familiar with Nick's area of expertise? No problem! Check out our Q&A with Nick, and make sure you tune into Paranormal Lockdown's premiere on December 16th 9/8c!

TLCme: What is a paranormal investigator and why do you do it?
Nick: A paranormal investigator analyzes phenomena that cannot be explained by a normal scientific examination. I've been fascinated in researching the paranormal since I was a kid, and I've had personal experiences that propelled my interest in documenting new discoveries in this field.

TLCme: What does your family think about your passion for the paranormal?
Nick: My family respects my decision and efforts in uncovering the truth regarding paranormal activity and its cause. We often discuss life and our own personal journey's, which tends to drift into topics of the supernatural.

TLCme: Do you remember your first experience with spirits? What did you think?
Nick: My first face-to-face experience with an unexplainable solid female spirit was in 2009 at the Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles. It was this split second in time when I made eye contact with this entity that changed my perspective of the paranormal. I'm now on a mission to discover how these energies/spirits can manifest in specific locations.

TLCme: You go through terrifying experiences on a regular basis. Have you always had this thrill-seeking side to your personality?
Nick: Yes, I was an adventurous and hyper kid. It got the better of me when I was eight years old. I fell out of a tree onto a rusty fence in New Hampshire. I tore up my arm really badly and passed out due to blood loss, right in front of my mother. My near near-death experience and mom's quick thinking saved my life. You would think this traumatic event would deter me from being adventurous, but it did the exact opposite. This jump started my quest into the supernatural.

TLCme: What would you say is the biggest misconception about the paranormal entities you experience?
Nick: I've noticed that people have a tendency to label negative energies or angry spirits as being a demon. In all my years investigating the paranormal, I rarely have a run in with a demonic entity, also known as an inhuman spirit.

TLCme: What do you think you and your partner Katrina bring to the team that truly makes your lockdowns successful?
Nick: I'm more of a risk-taker and willing to go the distance physically and mentally to investigate the unknown. We think outside the box in terms of trying new tactics and equipment to document paranormal evidence. The major force pushing both of us is that we have to live in these extremely haunted environments for 72 hours.

TLCme: What was your scariest experience in a lockdown?
Nick: I've had a lot of scary paranormal experiences. The moment that truly frightened me was at the Monroe House when I discovered skeletal remains in the homes crawl space.

TLCme: Why should fans turn into the series premiere on December 16 on TLC?
Nick: This is the first time I've ever returned to the same location twice in a season. I believe people, skeptics and especially the paranormal fans, will want to tune into our premier episode (Monroe House) due to its daunting and epic finale. Many paranormal television series have a tendency to conclude every episode without unveiling the answers. That's not the case here. The shocking evidence Katrina and I witnessed during our grueling 72 hour paranormal examination lead to a real police investigation.

Don't miss the premiere on December 16th 10/9c!

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