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posted: 12/02/16
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Paranormal Lockdown Q&A: Katrina Weidman

Katrina Weidman is one-half of the duo starring in Paranormal Lockdown. She's at the top of her field as a paranormal researcher, investigator, and lecturer, but she wants to push herself even further toward the truth. With Nick Groff, she'll spend 72 hours locked into some of the most haunted locations in the country. Want to learn more about Katrina and her passion for the supernatural? Check out our Q&A below, and tune into the premiere of Paranormal Lockdown on December 16th at 9/8c!

TLCme: What is a paranormal investigator and why do you do it?
Katrina: A paranormal investigator is someone who researches, explores and tries to find answers to the unexplained phenomenas that exist in our world. I find it fascinating that for hundreds of years people have been having these same experiences all over the world, yet people are still so eager to cast it aside and say it doesn't exist. Not everything can be misidentification, false memories, and natural explanations.

TLCme: What does your family think about your passion for the paranormal?
Katrina: My mom's side of the family has always had experiences so they weren't shocked. My dad is happy as long as I am happy and can pay my student loans!

TLCme: Do you remember your first experience with spirits? What did you think?
Katrina: The first time I remember hearing about a ghost was when I was around 4-years-old in my house. My sister was walking downstairs when she saw "me" sitting on my bed upstairs. Once she turned around and walked a few steps down, she saw me at the bottom of the stairs. We went back and forth a few times until we realized that something was very wrong. I had a lot of these experiences as a kid.

TLCme: You go through terrifying experiences on a regular basis. Have you always had this thrill-seeking side to your personality?
Katrina: It's not necessarily thrill-seeking for me. As a kid, I always loved a good mystery game, a horror movie, or a book about ghosts, aliens, or anything supernatural.

TLCme: What would you say is the biggest misconception about the paranormal entities you experience?
Katrina: The biggest misconception is that everything is a ghost, demon, etc. What I've come to realize in my work over the past decade is that there's a whole spectrum of entities and types of phenomenas. We haven't discovered all the mysteries of the world yet so we have to keep an open mind as to what's behind some of this activity.

TLCme: What do you think you bring to the team that makes your lockdowns so successful?
Katrina: As I've gotten older, my "6th" sense has definitely kicked in more. It's a lot easier for me to feel instinctually where we need to be in a location.

TLCme: What was your scariest experience in a lockdown?
Katrina: All of them! Ha! I think the one that shook me up the most was when I was scratched at the Black Monk House. All of a sudden I felt this burning sensation on my stomach, and I thought "no way." When I lifted my shirt there were two fresh scratches, and I held back tears for a good hour or two. It was terrifying, especially not being able to see what caused your bodily harm.

TLCme: Why should fans tune in to the series premiere on TLC on December 16th?
Katrina: We have some of the most amazing evidence, and season 2 has made me question everything I thought I knew.

Don't miss Katrina on Paranormal Lockdown premiering on December 16th at 9/8c!

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