Meet Mexico’s Youngest Psychologist, Who Is Just 13 Years Old!

posted: 10/22/15
by: TLCme

Dafne Almazan is just 13 years old but she's not much like other kids her age. Rather than be concerned with the latest Taylor Swift song, Almazan just became Mexico's youngest licensed psychologist.

It turns out she's something of a crazy prodigy. Almazan graduated from middle school when she was just seven and high school when she was nine. So it just made sense for her to pursue college and graduate school after that. How does she do it? "It's not actually that hard, to be honest," she told the GlobalPost. "It's not like getting up really early every day and staying up really late. I just try to organize my time as best as I can so I can do all the things I like." Something tells me "binge-watching episodes of Scandal" isn't on her to-do list.

She's also extremely humble and wants to use her new-found attention to show others that they can accomplish their goals. "it's worth it doing your best. And I can do something about the prejudice that gifted children spend their time locked up in a library. We don't have to give up our youth just because we're gifted, you know."

Of course, just because Almazan is a licensed psychologist doesn't mean she'll be treating patients any time soon. After all, would YOU go to a 13-year-old with your problems? Instead she's reaching for another degree -- this time a master's in education. Basically there's nothing this kid can't do.