Meet ChaCha Shen: The Cutest Dancer You’ll Ever See

posted: 02/24/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi

She taught James Corden and Gwyneth Paltrow how to dance, is regularly featured on EllenTube and has thousands of followers on Instagram.

Did we mention she's only four years old?

Chandler "ChaCha" Shen, part of Mather Dance Company in California, has caught the attention of thousands through her Instagram and YouTube accounts that show off her energetic dance moves and adorable personality.

On her Instagram account, @chachashen1, you can see multiple different videos of ChaCha doing her own choreographed dances, which she (and her mom Sam Shen) have dubbed "chachaography." She is typically wearing an adorable costume while experimenting with a form of dance like ballroom or ballet.

But, that's not the only darling thing you can see on ChaCha's account. It's also sprinkled with adorable pictures of the tiny dancer dressed in cute outfits and posing for the camera.

On top of all this, it seems like big things are already coming for this little one; on her Instagram account, it appears as though she recently auditioned for Broadway.

A photo montage of ChaCha in the Big Apple was posted with a caption indicating that it was her first plane trip, snow, train ride, subway ride and...above all else, Broadway audition!

She unfortunately didn't earn the role, but her mother said "they loved her." That being said, ChaCha is continuing to push forward with other goals in mind, as well.

"Now to have her meet and dance with Ellen!" said her mother.

The day we see ChaCha dancing on Ellen will be a very happy one!