Fast Food Cashier Does Something Really Special for Boy with Autism

posted: 02/09/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi

This story certainly helps prove good people do exist in this world!

Bonnie Kandel shared a heart-warming story on Facebook about what happened when McDonald's ran out of a toy her son with autism, Leif, had been talking about for weeks. According to Kandel, Leif can get fixated on things and has a hard time letting them go.

"I knew eventually a happy meal was in our future," wrote Kandel on Facebook. "So after a few weeks we ventured out in search of the much discussed happy meal."

Once they ordered, they asked about getting one of these highly-anticipated toys--which were Teen Titan-themed--but were bummed to find out the eatery had none left. Leif was devasted, wrote Kandel.

But this is when the cashier, TQ, revealed her true colors. She asked the manager if she could dismantle the kiosk that contained the toys so Leif could have one. It took some convincing, but TQ eventually got her way.

"TQ spent the next 15-20 minutes getting those toys for my son," wrote Kandel. "He was overjoyed and has been playing with them for HOURS! McDonalds, I hope you know how lucky you are to have such a sweet woman on your staff."

Is anyone craving a Snack Wrap now? Or is that just us?