Matt and Amy Roloff’s Divorce is Final, Peaceful and Amicable

posted: 05/12/16
by: TLC

Amy Roloff Discusses Her Life After Divorce aka Her "Second Act"

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Amy and Matt Roloff have gone through a public divorce. They have a family and business together but Amy talks about how her next phase of life is a time for re-discovering herself.

Going through divorce is one of the most difficult and challenging times a person can face -- and Matt and Amy Roloff are facing this time with grace and compassion.

The Roloffs of "Little People, Big World" finalized their public divorce in April of this year. As they've faced this new chapter very openly, the two have handled the situation as peacefully as possible -- and their settlement reflects that. As TMZ reported they have split their assets right down the middle, 50/50, and since their children are grown, neither is paying child support (or spousal support, for that matter).

The two will continue to work together on Roloff Farms, as they will each remain equal owners of the property.

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