Marine’s Reunion with 6-Year-Old Daughter at Veteran’s Day Homecoming Will Make You Sob

posted: 11/11/15
by: TLCme

Sgt. Scott Nowling is clearly as passionate about being a great dad as he is about serving his country. He told his local TV station that even though he knows his service is for a good cause, missing his children can be hard to bear. "Christmas, holidays, first day of school, I wasn't there. Everything. Waking up in the middle of the night and she's had nightmares and I wasn't there to hold her," he told WTHR Indianapolis. "Everything that you could possibly imagine that you would want your father there for, I wasn't able to."

Which makes the fact that he was there for daughter Chloe's school's Veteran's Day parade all the more touching. The timing couldn't have been more perfect: during a reading that day of a book called "My Daddy is a Soldier," Chloe explained that our servicepeople do what they do to make our country a better place. She did add, though, that she missed "how he used to just cuddle with me."

Perhaps sweetest of all: it was Chloe's birthday on Monday, and this time, her dad was there to celebrate with her.