Many Were Shocked at What This School Would Do to Students’ Grades

posted: 04/06/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi

Parents with kids at Yeshiva Ketana--a Jewish school on Long Island, New York--were shocked when they received their children's report cards, and it had nothing to do with the grades on them.

According to a slip that was attached to each report card, the school was willing to alter students' grades to avoid any discouragement they might cause.

"If after reviewing the enclosed report card," the letter said, "you would like us to develop a second version of this report card for your son with higher grades, please call..."

The letter also went into detail on why parents might want to do that.

"Since our goal is to share accurate information with the parents, and not to discourage or hurt a student," it said, "great discretion must be used before allowing your child to view his report card. Certainly, report cards should not be seen by students without parental permission and guidance."

A photo of this letter was posted on Twitter, to which many people expressed their disdain for this policy.

We are curious to know if any parents actually had their child's grades altered!