Man Accidentally Drops Engagement Ring In The Ocean

posted: 09/01/15
by: TLCme

Some marriages get off to really inauspicious starts. And then there's Kayla Harrity and Matthew Picca. The Charlotte, South Carolina, couple were on vacation in the beach town of Southport, North Carolina when Picca surprised Harrity by proposing. Except OOPS -- he accidentally dropped her ring into the Atlantic Ocean.

It's offical :) Matthew got down on one knee at our favorite place in South Port tonight. Just as he opened the ring...

Posted by Kayla Harrity on Saturday, August 22, 2015

"I turned around and he was getting down on one knee," Kayla told WBTV. "As he opened the ring box, the ring fell out of the box and fell through the cracks on the deck and into the water. I didn't even get to see it before it dropped."

Harrity was understandably in tears. "Matthew did not even get to say anything to me before the ring fell into the ocean."

Luckily a bunch of kind bystanders who witnessed the whole thing jumped into the water and helped the couple search for the missing piece of jewelry.

"I began running to the neighboring restaurants asking if anyone had goggles," said Harrity. "I knew if we had some we could find the ring."

Eventually, with the help of nearly a dozen flashlights and five pairs of goggles the ring was recovered. And the proposal was redone. As you might imagine, she said yes.

Let this be a lesson to would-be proposers. Maybe reconsider beachside boardwalk ring reveals?