Makeup Tips to Make You Look Well Rested

posted: 10/07/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Beautiful woman using mascara in bathroom
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Beautiful woman using mascara in bathroom

When you wake up from a great night's sleep, everything looks better, even your skin. So when you haven't slept in days and you're running on coffee and fumes, no wonder your skin and makeup seem to look just as tired as you feel. Actually, your regular makeup routine may be making you look even more exhausted than you are! So to fix your makeup fast and to never hear "You look really tired" again, here's four quick makeup tips so you look fresh faced and well rested even when you're exhausted.

Curl Those Lashes- Even if you're feeling sleepy, don't skip this step because when your eyes appear more open, you look fresh faced and awake. An easy way to open up your eyes it to make your lashes look upturned from curling. Start by squeezing a lash curler in the middle of your lashes and then once at both ends of your lashes to ensure the perfect curl. Then seal in the curl with mascara.

Change the Color of Your Liner- You probably line your lashes with the same color every day, but on days you are looking and feeling exhausted, grab two different colors. Lining your upper lashes with two different colors, counteracts the shadows underneath your eyes. Using one deep color and one vibrant color to make the whites of your eyes look brighter. Try using a dark brown or black and top it with vibrant blue or green. Skip all of those colors for your lower lashes and instead use a nude eyeliner on the inner rims of your lower lash line. A nude color will neutralize the redness in your tired eyes.

A Pop of Color- Don't skip the color when you really need a nap. Adding a pop of color to your cheekbones with blush that has a hint of gold will brighten your entire face and helps to minimize the shadows underneath your eyes.

Tint your Face- To counteract the effects of being super sleepy, you want to add color to your entire face. So grab a tinted moisturizer to help your skin look fresh, illuminated, and it will even out your skin tone.