Make the Perfect Steak Every Time with This One Kitchen Tool

posted: 03/09/18
by: Amanda Mushro


If you ever crave a really good steak, but don't want to pay the restaurant price you're not alone. So many home cooks have tried to master the art of cooking a good steak at home, but it can be extremely difficult. If you don't have a fancy grill or cast-iron skillet, making a delicious steak can be hard to master. Common problems include a burnt outside and raw inside, dry meat or a rubbery texture. None of these things are appealing, but all of them are easy to fix with this one amazing kitchen tool; the sous vide machine.

This sounds fancy, but the concept is very simple. Essentially it is a water bath that stays at a steady temperature to cook food in. All you have to do is submerge your steak, sealed in a plastic bad, into the water and allow it to reach the desired temperature. You are basically steadily cooking the meat in water until it is perfectly cooked. The beauty of the sous vide machine is that it remains the same temperature throughout the process which means no overdone meat!


You might be thinking that boiled steak sounds less than appetizing. But, once your meat has reached the desired temperature, then you want to quickly brown it in a skillet. Since your steak it already cooked to the perfect temperature, this is only to create a beautiful crust on the outside and add more flavor. The sous vide machine did all the work cooking the steak for you, so you don't have to worry about it being over or underdone!

This is truly the easiest way to cook a perfect steak every time. No fancy pans or grills needed to make a delicious meal. Now you can have restaurant worthy steak any day of the week! Try making this for your friends and they will be so impressed by this juicy and flavorful meal. You can also cook chicken, fish and vegetables using the same method. It's a very versatile kitchen tool that every home cook needs!