Love Ranch Dress? You Can Now Buy A Keg Full of Ranch Dressing

posted: 12/07/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Ranch Keg
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If you use veggies and hot wings as a vehicle to shovel more ranch into your mouth, we are here for you, and we get it. So if you are making your Christmas wish list, we may have found the perfect gift for you--a five-liter keg full of ranch dressing. Yes, a keg of your favorite condiment.

You can pre-order the five-liter Hidden Valley Mini Ranch Keg online for $50 and it will arrive just in time for the holidays. Imagine the lovely centerpiece this shiny keg of ranch will make on your holiday table.

While the keg arrives empty, you will also receive 12 bottles of ranch--which Hidden Valley feels is a year's supply-- that you can fill the keg with on an as-needed basis. So really, it's the gift that keeps on giving all year round.


Ranch fountain
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If kegs aren't your style but you'd love ranch dressing to be flowing at all your holiday festivities, you can opt for the ranch fountain that comes with a lovely decorated skirt. Festive, delicious, and beautiful--what a time to be alive.

Not convinced that you need all this ranch dressing this holiday season? If you are a ranch fan but need a little extra flavor in your dressing, here's twenty ways to customize your ranch.