Love After First Kiss Recap: Josh, a Kissing Novice, Discusses His First Successful Smooch

posted: 08/13/16
by: Korenne Smith

Josh Has A Successful First Kiss with Roxanne

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After trying with Annalisa and Emily, Josh finally has a successful kiss. But, how does Roxanne feel?

He finally did it! After two failed attempts at the perfect first kiss, Josh of "Love At First Kiss" fame accomplished his goal. He successfully kissed Roxanne on the last episode (Watch the full episode here). You can check out that moment all over again in the video above!

We asked Josh how it felt to have two more kisses under his belt after his first kiss on last week's premiere. Here's what he had to say:

Now that you've been kissed, how would you describe your kissing style?

I would describe my kissing style as passionate yet gentle. I try to mimic what the girl is doing. It's definitely a cat and mouse came. I like to pull the chin down and touch the back of the woman's head and stroke her hair. I like juicy, full, wet lips! I am definitely a hopeful romantic and I like having prolonged French kiss make-out sessions.

We've noticed your commitment to oral hygiene. How do you like to keep your mouth minty fresh?

Lots of mouth wash. Also, flossing and brushing your teeth is very important. I want my breath to taste good when I put my tongue and lips into my partner's.

What happened with your second kiss with Emily?

The second kiss with Emily did not go as planned. I wanted to kiss her and do the slip and slide with her tongue. Instead, I missed her face and kissed her hair. The only thing I could think about was not screwing up. Hence, that's why I messed up! I put too much pressure to make the perfect kiss happen with her.

How did it feel kissing Erica Rose? What other tips did she share with you?

Erica Rose tasted like candy. Her lips, and mouth were nice and moist. She was the perfect kissing coach and was a total sweetheart. She taught me to pull the chin down and touch the back of the woman's head. She also showed me how to use tongue, and how to bring it in back and forth. Erica definitely turned this "kissing virgin" into a professional maker-outer.

What made you go for it with Roxanne?

I wanted to fully go all in with Roxanne. I was tired of the disappointment and having all these horrendous kisses. So, I fully committed and opened my mouth and slipped some tongue action. I used the approach Erica Rose taught me of pulling down her chin and gabbing the back of Roxanne's head. It felt wonderful kissing Roxanne, like the Fourth of July happened in my mouth. The fireworks went off!

Do you still believe in love at first kiss?

For sure. I believe that if you find the right person, love can definitely blossom from the first kiss. The kiss is crucial, but chemistry over time is what matters.

Are you and Roxanne still dating now?

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