Lots of Love Under One Roof: Meet the Putman Family

posted: 07/17/17
by: Kate Meroski

They're a big family on the small screen! Meet the Putmans, the super-size, multigenerational family all living under 1 roof.

We met the family earlier this year: 25 people, 3 generations, 10 adults, and 15 kids all in one house. Well, we're about to meet the 26th Putman this fall, when Meet the Putmans premieres on TLC September 11th at 10/9c!

Here's what makes them so special:

They're close. Really close!
Tight-knit isn't a strong enough word to describe this supersized family, who share everything from one bank account to only two bathrooms. The Putman bunch includes Bill and Barb Putman at the head of the household, their four adult children and their spouses, and a total of fifteen grandchildren. Dull moments (and privacy) are certainly hard to find in the Putman household as they build their family dream home together and share their ups and downs and most intimate thoughts.

A New Baby!
During this season, the family will joyously welcome the 26th member of the Putman clan from their only daughter Blair and her husband Jamie.

They Stick Together
The family is coping with the harsh reality of Papa Bill's health problems, and he's not the only family member being forced to face fears. Kacie Putman, wife of middle son Brandon, has a family history that may force her to make some tough decisions about her future. Through all the trials and tribulations, the Putmans tackle every obstacle together in a leap to redefine the all-American family.

Get to know the Putman family by watching their original one-hour special now on TLC GO, and follow the conversation on social media with #Putmans.

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