Loren and Alexei’s Journey So Far

posted: 07/11/17
by: Emily Livermore
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Meet Loren and Alexei

Loren, an outgoing city girl, never expected to fall for Alexei, a 6'4" Israeli hunk with a chill attitude. Their whirlwind romance took only 10 days!

Came for Birthright, Left in Love

Loren went to Israel on Birthright, a free 10-day trip that gives Jewish people the chance to explore the nation. Alexei was her group's medic. Loren was immediately attracted to him, but she never imagined they'd fall in love so quickly. By the time her trip was over, Alexei had won her heart! He proposed to her the night she was to return to New York.

Moving Home

After Alexei's K1 visa was approved, the couple needed a place to call home. Alexei couldn't work until he got his green card, and there was no way Loren could support them both--she was left with no choice. She had to move to Florida and live under her parents' roof with her fiance!


Loren's parents loved having Alexei in their home, but his own family back in Israel missed him dearly. Loren felt massively guilty for taking Alexei away from his home and family. Even when Alexei tried to comfort her, he could not deny it was hard to feel needed by his parents but unable to help them.

The Bachelorette Party

After the shock of the initial move, things calmed down for Loren and Alexei. That is, until Loren's bachelorette party rolled around. Loren's best friend Sarah planned the party Loren had always wanted. That party just happened to be exactly what Alexei asked Sarah NOT to do. The girls headed to the strip club where Loren was spoiled with drinks and male dancers. Needless to say, Alexei was not happy.

Trouble in Florida

After the bachelorette party, Alexei felt disrespected and refused to talk to Loren. Meanwhile, Loren's mother began to question the relationship altogether. While Loren was shamed by her own mother for rushing into marriage, Alexei looked at flights to return to Israel--the prospect of a wedding seemed more and more unlikely.

Wedding #1

After the two of them had a chance to cool off and talk things over, true love prevailed and the couple proceeded with their wedding plans. The two married in a small outdoor ceremony by the sea. Soon after, Alexei got his green card and a job, allowing he and Loren to finally move into their own apartment. Unfortunately the honeymoon period was cut short for these newlyweds by the stress of planning a 2nd wedding.

Return to Israel

Loren promised Alexei's family that once he had his green card they would return to Israel to have a wedding for his family and friends. After arriving in Israel, Loren and Alexei's parents hit it off right away. Everything was going as planned, until Loren was struck with guilt all over again. Alexei's friends blamed her for taking him away. She wondered if Alexei would even want to return to the States at the end of their stay. Loren was under a lot of pressure since this trip was her chance to prove to Alexei's parents that she was worthy of their son. Bedsides, she had a secret of her own that could change the family's view of her.

Loren's Secret

Loren was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome as a little girl. She felt insecure opening up to others about her condition. But she faced her fear and opened up to Alexei's family about her life-long struggle. It ended up being a positive experience! Alexei's parents reassured Loren that they would love her no matter what, and afterwards she finally felt like a part of the family.

The Israeli Wedding

Their 2nd wedding day finally arrived, but it was not smooth sailing. Alexei was nervous if his friends would show up, and Loren was stressed with how chaotic and unorganized everything was. They were on edge and not in the mindset to be walking down the aisle. Alexei stormed out of the building, leaving Loren to freak out by herself.

Ends and Beginnings

Eventually Alexei returned with a clear head and comforted his wife. And the wedding turned out to be a complete success! All of their friends and family showed up, and Alexei assured Loren that she was all he needed to be happy. Despite the beautiful evening, Alexei was sad to say goodbye to his parents again. The couple talked to Alexei's parents about moving to the U.S. By agreeing to consider, Alexei's parents gave him and Loren peace of mind in leaving Israel. And while Loren and Alexei have had their fair share of fights, it seems their love is stronger than any argument.

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