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Looking for a Car to Flip? Jinger Duggar Has 7 Must-Dos

posted: 03/29/16
by: TLCme

Jinger Duggar has a new hobby to keep her busy: flipping cars! After attending auto auctions with her older siblings, Jinger decided to make an investment of her own. In tonight's episode of "Counting On," we'll see her take the challenge head-on to buy and flip her first car!

Here are a few tips that Jinger keeps top of mind when looking for a car to flip:

- Find a local auto action that you can attend. Bring along someone who has experience with cars to give you a second opinion.
- Look for cars with low mileage to get the best possible sale price.
- If you can, turn on the car to hear the engine.
- Inspect the inside and outside of the car for signs of damage. Be especially mindful of signs of a possible car wreck.
- Look for makes and models that are consistently ranked for their value and reliability.
- Understand your market and consider what type of car people in your area would want to purchase.
- Use any photography skills that you have to market the car for sale. Capture its best angles!

Jinger at the Car Auction

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Jinger buys a car at auction with the intention of flipping.