LOL-Worthy Homeowner Moments from the Last Season of Trading Spaces

posted: 07/23/18
by: TLCme

The return of Trading Spaces this year brought back some of the most beloved designers and carpenters of the series, but it was the homeowners who often ended up stealing the show. See below for some of the best moments with the homeowners this season, and make your mark on the next season by applying to be on Trading Spaces with your neighbor here!

Hildi's Egg-celent Task

Veteran designer Hildi is known for her off-the-wall design concepts, and on the season premiere, her homeowners had to carry out some of her wildest ideas. Specifically, they had to "blow eggs" to make eggshell decor for the room. Their reactions were PRICELESS.

Mom Knows Best?
On Genevieve and Vern's episode, Gen teamed up with parents Janice and Franky to design their son's bedroom with his wife. However, Janice's description of her son's design aesthetic will go down as a major Trading Spaces TMI moment - especially coming from mom!

Hell to the NO
Sometimes the best part of an episode of Trading Spaces are the reactions, whether they're good OR bad. In this case, it was the latter. It was also one of the most hilarious and spirited reactions in the show's history!

The Fan Fave

Kim on the season finale may go down as one of the funniest homeowners on Trading Spaces. From her obsession with designer Doug Wilson, to her marital spat about the chandelier, to her completely joyous room reveal, we are obsessed and so is Paige Davis! Watch the full episode here.

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