Little People Big World is Back for a New Season

posted: 04/06/17

A new season of Little People, Big World is coming your way, and the Roloff family is going through some major changes.

The premiere on Tuesday, May 2nd at 9/8c picks up after last season's big reveal that Tori and Zach were expecting. Now, Roloff Farms is about to get not one, but two grandbabies with the news that Jeremy and Audrey are also pregnant with a baby girl. This season you'll get to watch both couples navigate pregnant life as they prepare to bring a whole new generation of Roloffs into the world. For Zach and Tori, the major question looming is whether their son will be a dwarf or not.

"Are you guys going to find out if you're having a [little person]?" Jeremy asks Zach in a clip from the new season.

"What am I going to say? 'Oh yeah, I want a dwarf baby? I can't wait for that kid to be bullied,' " a concerned Zach responds.

Both Matt and Amy are ecstatic to be grandparents, but divorced life while living 500 feet from each other doesn't get any easier. This gets further complicated as Amy's relationship with her boyfriend Chris progresses, and Matt reveals that he is in a relationship as well. Even with all these exciting changes in their personal lives, the Roloffs still need to figure out how to come together to run the farm.

Did you miss Zach and Tori's pregnancy reveal or Amy's first date with Chris? We've got all the major moments with full episodes of Little People, Big World on TLCgo!
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