“Lined Paper” Fingernails, “Strobing,” and More Super Fun Beauty Inspiration

posted: 09/04/15
by: TLCme

Back to school fingernails? Opal hair? Strobing? This week's beauty trends-of-the-moment are unlike we've seen before (but we're pretty excited about all of them).

1. "Lined-paper" fingernails.

When it comes to nail art, we've sort of in a been-there, done-that state of mind. But we're willing to make an exception and give high marks to this pretty ingenious way to make back-to-school time a little more fun than just another sign that summer's ending. Take a look at this video to see how you, too, could have looseleaf fingernails that could make homework a little more fun.

2. "Opal" hair.

We've seen rainbow hair, dip-dye and even grandma-gray hair trends in the past year. Most of those are for the more adventurous, and so might the #opalhair trend be, it's a little more subtle to merit consideration even by the more risk-averse among us.

spellbinding-- I like that! ? thanks for the shoutout @buzzfeed ! #opalhair #hairtrends

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3. "Strobing" makeup.

Just when we'd gotten used to hearing "contouring" in every makeup conversation, now comes "strobing." But before you decide to dismiss it as another beauty trend too complex for you to take on, grab your makeup bag and listen up. This trend involves just one product applied liberally in targeted areas of your face: namely, a highlighter applied to your cheekbones, brow bostrobing center of your forehead, down your nose and on your chin. Basically the spots that would be illuminated by a strobe light. Get it? Take a look at some strobing inspiration: