Life Saving Hacks For Moms of Multiples

posted: 07/20/16
by: Amanda Mushro
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Newborn triplet girls sleeping with knit hats

Navigating daily life with kids is challenging enough, but when you're a mom of multiples, you have to get really creative just to get everyone fed, dressed, and out the door. So all those times we saw Kate rocking all those awesome birthdays for her twins and sextuplets on Kate Plus 8 and the Busby Family magically getting all their girls bathed and ready for bed on Out Daughtered--they probably had a few life hacks to get the job done. So for all those moms that are taking care of their twins, triplets, and more, here's our favorite life hacks for life with multiples.

Rather than buying the normal baby gear, check out travel versions. Since the travel versions of bigger baby gear, like high chairs, are collapsible and usually smaller, you can save a lot of room in your home by purchasing the travel versions. Not only are they great when you leave the house, but they save space in your home.

If you have matching infant carriers, attach a pacifier clip to identify which baby goes into each carrier, especially if your babies are different lengths. This way you don't have to keep readjusting the straps every time you put a baby in the carrier.

Color code everything! From clothes, pacifiers' bottles, and sippie cups, assigning a color to each baby will make your life a lot easier. This is extremely helpful if one of your babies has dietary restrictions or eating concerns.

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When friends and family offer to help--say YES! But be specific with what they can do for you. From laundry, to running errands, to feedings, or even watching the kids so you can get a break, give specific tasks so they can really help you.

There are numerous hands-free bottle feeding systems you can purchase, but you can also roll up a swaddle blanket and wrap a hair tie around it to create a bottle stand that helps you feed infants.

When your babies have checkups at the doctor's office, save yourself from undressing each baby to be weighed by taking an identical outfit with you, including a diaper. If your doctor allows, they can weigh the baby with their clothes and diaper on, then weigh the identical outfit, and then deduct the outfit from their weight. This may seem silly, but helps you while you juggle multiple infants.

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Prep for everything! Before baths, feedings, bedtime, and even hitting the pool or beach, take the time to lay out everything you'll need to get your babies ready. This way you have a baby prepping station so you can get them ready rather than scrambling to find what you need.

Dressing your kids the in matching outfits seems clich? but it makes your life easier when you're out with your kids, especially if you choose bright colors. You'll easily identify your kids at a park or playground with those bright colors.

When your babies can sit up on their own, putting a laundry basket in the tub allows you to bathe two babies at once. Plus they'll have a blast splashing around together.

Make time to meal prep for you too! Making and freezing meals that you can toss in a crockpot or into the oven will help destress dinner time. Creating snack stations will help you and your kids grab easy and healthy snacks during the day.