Let Whitney Thore Explain Why You Should Be All About #NoBS

posted: 11/04/15
by: TLCme
Whitney Thore #NoBS

If there's one thing we've learned about "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" star Whitney Thore, it's that she's fearless. Whether it's rocking a bikini on the beach, correcting a fat-shamer's ignorant statements, or dealing with diabetes head-on, Whitney works towards her goals with her characteristic positivity and good humor. But it wasn't always easy for her, and she's had to work hard to be the confident woman she is.

That's why she's started No Body Shame (No BS), a movement that aims to end body shame by promoting self-love, acceptance, and unapologetic living (aka Whitney's speciality). Once ashamed at her PCOS-caused weight gain, Whitney hid from the world, and she's recently decided that nothing can stop her from doing everything she wants. She hopes that no one is limited by their insecurity and that everyone can live their best, most fulfilling life. To prove that, she's getting a No Body Shame tattoo live on TV tonight by "America's Worst Tattoo" star Megan Massacre.

Watch Whitney give you the lowdown on everything No Body Shame, join the #NoBS movement, and be sure to tune in tonight to see Whitney's brand-new tattoo.

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