Let Kids Get Themselves Ready with These Simple Morning Routine Charts

posted: 04/14/15
by: Amy Suardi
Let Kids Get Themselves Ready with These Simple Morning Routine Charts
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Get out the door in record time.

"Did you brush your teeth?"
"Did you clean up your room?"
"Did you pack your backpack?"

If the answer that you get to these questions is always, "Oh, YEAH!" -- then I know how you feel.

To avoid reminding my four-year-old over and over all the things he needs to do to be ready for summer camp and pre-K this fall, I finally sat down and made him a checklist.

Since Mark is the third child I've shepherded towards getting ready without constant barking from the top dog, I've learned what works and what doesn't. In teaching kids to be responsible for themselves, I've found three elements to be essential:

Sometimes we parents get intimidated by the idea of creating systems and charts. They do take some time, and often ready-made tools don't reflect our family's unique routines. But here are three that might help:

1. Morning Routine Cards to Display Like Art

I love how these reminders look more like something you'd find on Etsy than to-do list items. Designer Amy Locurto, who offers loads of free printables on her site, created these cards for her own son. She also made them in pink and green, and both are available as free downloads on her site, Living Locurto.

2. Get-Ready-for-School Checklist for Preschoolers

It may not be pretty, but it was easy. I created this checklist for my four-year-old in about 45 minutes. The best part about this kind of chart, created with clip art and word-processing software, is that you can download it and customize it to your family's needs.

Mark was so thrilled to have his own chart, he didn't even balk when I added number 6: "straighten up the playroom."

3. Make Your Own Poster with Print-and-Paste Images

These adorable drawings by Holly Korus can be cut out and arranged according to your family's needs. Paste them to a piece of paper or cardstock -- you decide whether to add your own numbers and words. Download from BaristaKids.

I like that Holly's images could also be used for a get-ready-for-bed chart. We all could use one of those!