Leslie’s Transition Journey

posted: 06/10/18
by: Marina Luciano-Carson

On the season finale of TLC's Lost In Transition, Leslie bravely showed off her makeover to her family for the first time. From coming out to her friends to considering facial feminization surgery, Leslie has made enormous strides in her transition journey. No one has been more supportive than Leslie's wife, Stacy, who has shared her thoughts on the transition and how one can become a better ally to the LGBTQ community.

Now, Leslie reveals why it was so important to share her transition journey with the world, and gives insight into what the transition process has meant for her. If you are transgender and thinking about coming out for the first time, use this resource for strategies on how to share this new phase of your life with loved ones. Then read Leslie's responses to some important questions about her journey.

Why was it important to you and your family to share the journey of your transition?

We wanted to show that with love there is a way to overcome this kind of obstacle.


What is the biggest lesson you've learned since starting your transition?
The biggest lesson I learned is that anything can happen and that you should always contact your doctor as soon as you notice anything out of place.

Describe a moment when you first started to feel like your true self.
I feel like once I was able to come out full time, I really started to connect with my true self.


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What advice would you give to others starting their transitions?
Don't let anyone stop you from being you. You deserve to be happy, but if you have a spouse make sure you communicate all of your feelings. Hopefully, with a little compromise, it will work out in the end.

See Leslie's transition journey from the very beginning by downloading the TLC GO app or visiting TLC.com/LostInTransition. Then, learn how to support trans families and their allies at TLC.com/TransitionResources.