Learn more about Princess Diana’s Most Famous Crowns and Tiaras

posted: 07/26/17
by: Emily Livermore

A crown is one of the most iconic symbols for royalty. Princess Diana may have been considered the "People's Princess" but she still had her favorite jewels. Here are two of Diana's most notable tiaras from her time as the Princess of Wales.

Spencer Tiara
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The Spencer Tiara is known for being Diana's bridal tiara. She wore it more regularly than the other crowns in her possession, possibly because this one was said to be lighter and more comfortable to wear. This tiara has been in the Spencer family for generations. In fact, Diana's sisters, Lady Sarah and Jane, Baroness Fellowes, also wore the crown on their wedding days. It wasn't until Diana wore it in 1981 to marry Prince Charles, however, that it became associated with royalty. The Spencer Tiara belonged to Diana's father and then to her brother but it was Diana that made it one of the most famous non-royal tiaras in the world.


Lover's Knot
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The Cambridge Lover's Knot, a distinguished crown that sparkles with diamonds and pearls, belongs to Queen Elizabeth II herself. It was loaned to Diana as a wedding gift and as soon she and Charles divorced, the Lover's Knot returned to the Queen's vault. Princess Diana may not have worn it on her wedding day, but throughout her years as a member of the Royal Family, the Lover's Knot became closely associated with her. This tiara still belongs to the Queen and makes the occasional appearance on Duchess Kate Middleton, who would have been Diana's daughter in-law.

Princess Diana didn't personally own The Spencer Tiara or the Cambridge Lover's Knot, yet each one is still closely linked to her in history. See where these crowns appear throughout Diana's life in Princess Diana: Tragedy or Treason? premiering July 31 at 8/7c. Can't wait until then? Stream the first hour NOW on TLC GO!