Last Minute Tips for Planning an Amazing Valentine’s Date Night

posted: 02/14/18
by: Amanda Mushro
Bouquet of red roses covering couple kiss


Ah, Valentine's Day---the perfect time to shower your special someone with hearts, flowers, and a romantic night for two. Or if you are like most of us and this day has crept up on you and now you need to plan something ASAP--don't worry. We've got you covered with simple last minute planning tips to throw a super romantic night that will leave your Valentine with hearts in their eyes or at least not knowing you just planned everything today.

  1. Skip the big dinner and go for wine and cheese. You can put together a yummy plate of cheese, crackers and fruit and pair with your favorite wine much aster than you can whip up a full meal.
  2. Turn your home into a spa. With bath salts, candles, and soft music, set the stage so your home feels like a spa for you and your partner. Let your Valentine soak in the tub, relax, and count the ways you are so amazing for planning this spa night.
  3. Grab take out from all your favorite places. From appetizers to the main course and even desert, grab all of your favorite to-go meals for a decadant night.
  4. Get inspired to have a date night at home with one of these awesome ideas. All of these at home date nights are inexpensive and can be put together quickly.
  5. Fondue for two is a perfect Valentine's date night. Melt some chocolate and dip fruit and cookies into your fondue. It's a special night so making dessert the meal is a mus.t
  6. Plan your next getaway! Get inspired by your next vacation as a couple and plan a trip while you have drinks and listen to music inspired by your vacation destination.
  7. Go gourmet and cook a fabulous dinner together. Find a recipe online and make a meal together. This date night makes having two cooks in the kitchen a must.
  8. Before you go home, load up on all of your honey's favorite treats. Put all of the cookies, candy, and popcorn into a bag and grab a romantic movie so tonight you can indulge in the treats and snuggle watching a movie.