Last Minute Thanksgiving Cooking Hacks

posted: 11/23/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Thanksgiving Ham in front of fire

The groceries are bought and you're ready to cook. But before you put that Turkey in the oven, here's a few last minute cooking hacks to save you time, cleanup, and a little bit of your sanity!

  • Turkey too dry? No need to fret! Just add several cups of warm chicken broth to the roasting pan and use it to baste your turkey.
  • Don't have a rack to roast your turkey? Make one in a pinch out of carrots and celery. Lay them in the bottom of the pan to keep your turkey off the bottom of the pan and bonus, a little extra flavor.
  • If you're gravy is a little too lumpy, put some of the gravy into a food processor and give it a few whirls. Add the smooth gravy back into gray dish for delicious and lump free gravy.
  • A few pinches of baking soda will make your mashed potatoes extra fluffy.
  • If you're using your hand mixer to make mashed potatoes or to whip up a pie for dessert, put a paper plate through the mixing blades to create and DIY splashguard.
  • Need to save oven space? Break out the slow cooker and cook your sweet potato casserole or green bean casserole in your slow cooker instead.
  • Gravy tasting a little boring? Add soy sauce or red wine for color and taste.
  • Ask a family member to bring over their slow cooker and put your mashed pupates in the slow cooker to keep them warm and save space on your stovetop.
  • Prep veggies for stuffing today and store in the fridge to cut down on prep work on Thanksgiving.
  • Keep your gravy warm by putting it in a thermos. This is a great trick if you are traveling!
  • Forget to chill the wine? Just soak a paper towel in water and wrap it around the bottle. Then pop the bottle into the fridge for 15 minutes for perfectly chilled wine. Cheers!
  • Running out of time and need to peel the garlic quickly? Put garlic in the microwave for 15 seconds. Now you'll be able to peel the garlic with ease!
  • Wrap rubber bands around spoons so they don't fall into the pot or mixing into other pots or pans.