Lady Gaga’s Chilling New Video Is a PSA on Sexual Assault

posted: 09/23/15
by: Mara Betsch
til it happens to you

Though she's no longer entering award shows in an egg, Lady Gaga continues to surprise us. Her latest video, "Til It Happens to You," is part of the soundtrack for the new documentary "The Hunting Ground," which tackles rape on college campuses, and depicts the sexual assault of four women.

Frankly, it's extremely difficult to watch and some of the situations may feel all too real to victims of these crimes. Lady Gaga has a personal connection to this issue -- she recently revealed she was raped when she was 19. Watch her heartbreaking video (warning: This video contains graphic content and is NSFW.)

The video's debut also coincided with the release of the results of a brand-new survey focusing on sexual assault and sexual misconduct.

According to this new survey of more than 150,000 students at more than 27 universities, 23 percent of female college students experienced some form of unwanted sexual content (anything from kissing to penetration), and 11.7 percent of responders claimed that their assaults included physical force, threats of physical force, or incapacitation.

All of this is troubling information, but even more concerning is the most common reason for not reporting incidents of sexual assault and sexual misconduct: victims didn't consider what happened to them "serious enough." Other common reasons were victims were "embarrassed, ashamed or that it would be too emotionally difficult," and because they "did not think anything would be done about it."

We can only hope that universities follow Harvard president Drew Faust's lead and take these results very seriously: "Sexual assault is intolerable, and we owe it to one another to confront it openly, purposefully and effectively. This is our problem." And she's not wasting time: Harvard claims it has doubled its staff for its Office of Sexual Assault and Prevention and taken other measures to prevent sexual assault on campus.